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Evaluation – Expression orale du bac, LV1 ou LV2

Vous trouverez ci-jointes les grilles d’évaluation qui seront utilisées par les professeurs qui vous feront passer l’oral. Elles sont les mêmes pour tous les élèves. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’imprimer ces grilles, je vous les transmets simplement pour information. N’hésitez … Continue reading

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Question 4 : Do heroes have to be perfect ?

Is a hero necessarily a positive figure ? 1. You can draw a link here with some of the elements from Question 3 (sometimes we prefer to forget about their “darker” side) 2. Why do we sometimes need heroes to … Continue reading

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Question 3 : How do we create heroes ?

The emphasis here is on the “we” because heroes are creation of humans : sometimes authors, sometimes it is more vague and general, as if “society” was doing it itself. You can go from the examples used in Question 1 … Continue reading

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Question 2 : Are heroes just for children ?

It is also interesting to raise this question. You can of course think of superheroes to discuss this question for example, or fairy tales characters if you prefer. Show the difference in the relationship between children and heroes and later … Continue reading

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Question 1 : Why do we need heroes ? What do they symbolise ?

1. You can start with the texts and images from your manual (On Target, p.14-15 p14_15) about Steve Jobs. Work on the questions they ask, have a look at the vocabulary from the toolbox. => heroes as personifying certain values … Continue reading

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