Question 3 : How do we create heroes ?

The emphasis here is on the “we” because heroes are creation of humans : sometimes authors, sometimes it is more vague and general, as if “society” was doing it itself.

You can go from the examples used in Question 1 : how were these different people made into heroes ? (books, narratives, films, speeches, etc., of course, but also because of the way people talk about them : the terms they use, what they refer to or not).

1. It is interesting to talk about what is left on the side, or what people choose not to show to create these hero figures : take the example of Steve Jobs, who was far from perfect.

This video released right after his death by Apple as a tribute shows a fascinating concrete example of a hero-in-the-making (look at the images, the audio extracts, the music, etc. and of course, the message)

Here you could also comment on the fact that APPLE released the video. Why is it interesting or relevant ?

2. You can also use examples of movies which were made about real-life heroes and show how these movies contribute to making them heroes or to ensuring their legacy keeps going : for example, the last Lincoln movie by S. Spielberg, or any other movie you can think of – it does not have to be about a politician, of course !

3. But fictional heroes, obviously, are also created by people. An interesting example is Robin Hood. Have a read of this text :

CE – Tales of Robin Hood

How was the figure we know today created ? And why ? (different reasons are put forward in the article).

You can use other examples or even movies to go further on that question.


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