Images – Echo & Narcissus

Image - Narcissus (Echo and Narcissus) by Waterhouse (1903)

Correction of the test on Britishness.
Image – Echo & Narcissus by Waterhouse.
HW for 09/03 :
Recap on the painting and learn the lesson.
Choose one of the other painting on the myth of Narcissus, explain your choice, and compare it (common points / differences) to Waterhouse’s painting.
Image - Narcissus (Echo and Narcissus) by Poussin (1630)
by Poussin
Image - Narcissus by Caravaggio (1597-99)
by Caravaggio
Image - Narcissus (Metamorphosis of Narcissus) by Dali (1937)
by Dali
Do some research on the myth :

          Narcissus’s physical appearance and the influence it has on his character

          Who fell in love with him and how he reacted

          Who decided to punish him

          What led him to his death

          What he left behind

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