Work on this audio as an oral comprehension (up to 2’08) : http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=1438900

=> What elements do we learn about immigration in the US ?

=> What is the viewpoint expressed ?


Image - The Browning of America

Look at the map, charts and percentages : what conclusions can we draw ?

Develop your answer.


Image - The Other Side of The Coin

Describe the cartoon. What is the message ? What is your opinion regarding the viewpoint expressed here ?


POUR AMELIORER VOTRE MOYENNE DU 2e TRIMESTRE (les conseils seront à la rentrée des vacances) – facultatif mais vivement conseillé

Rendre des CO pour que je les note.
Faire une des EE associées à cette CE :


For Tle S : a total of 300 words.

For Tle STG : one of the essays, 150 words.

Indicate your final word count on your copy.

1. Write Chit Su’s diary entry recalling her first day at the International High School.

2. Imagine a conversation the narrator in text 2 had with his mother when he first told her he was going to settle in the US.

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