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CO – Australian Tourism

Here is the link to the audio file we listened to in class :

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Written expression : What do you think about the movement ? Do you agree with what they do ? Do you feel personnally concerned ? (about 150 words) Underline the link between this topic and the notion « Places and forms of power ». OR : … Continue reading

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CO – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here is the link to the video we studied in class : Take notes on what we see in the rest of the video.

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KFC Radio Spot

Here is the link to listen to the Halloween tale :

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HOMEWORK – Radio ad to work on What is the commercial about ? How do they advertise for their product ? How do they try to convince people to buy it ?

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Heinz Radio ad

Here is the link to the Heinz Radio ad :

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1e 08 – Mystery Ad

Just as we did in class, describe the image, and then make hypotheses about the ad – what is it for ? What is supposed to be the effect on the viewer ? (5 to 10 lines) RECAP : Be … Continue reading

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1e13 – Groupwork

  Here are the images you worked on in groups. Find the 3 ads that you studied and compare them : topic, atmosphere / goal, message / effect produced.

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