CE – Text about Banksy

Lire le texte sur Banksy + répondre aux questions suivantes :
Questions sur la CO :

What new evolution of the way people deal with street art is presented ? [compare/contrast with the original purpose of that form of art]

What is the point of Banksy’s art (in itself) ?

What is the contradiction / opposition put forward by having this very project in NYC ?

How does Banksy galvanise his public through this project ? What kind of relationship is created ?

Explain the comparison with Andy Warhol.

Questions sur le texte :

–          Comment on the name of the project “Better Out than In”

–          List the different aspects of Banksy’s relationship with his public (and the way the public reacts)

–          Use the example given in the text to comment on the contents itself of Banksy’s art

CE – Banksy Makes New York His Gallery for a Month

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