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Grammar exercises

Exercice : I’m sorry I don’t recognize this man, I only know …………….. people in the building. I found ………………. information on this woman, it’s difficult to know more about her life. I received ………………………. anonymous letters giving the identity … Continue reading

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HOMEWORK – Internet search

HOMEWORK : Learn your lesson about Batman shooting. Student A : Do some research on the NRA. NRA  (or   Student B : Do some research about the pro-guns arguments

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Gun Culture – Images

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HOMEWORK – Read extracts

Here you will find the links to the different extracts that we will not read in class : The Landlady – Texte 3 [HW] The Landlady – Texte 5 [HW]

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Food for thought – Killer robots

Have a look at this article about “Killer robots” : when science meets with fiction. Killer robots must be stopped

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CO on Nanobots (to practise)

Here is the link to the audio we studied in class :  

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CO – The accelerating power of technology

Have this look at this extract we listened to in class : (starting at 15’33) Do not hesitate to watch the rest of the video, which could be helpful for this chapter !

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