HOMEWORK for 06/01

WRITTEN COMPREHENSION (on text 1 only – to do in the copybook)

  1. Why is Billy in town ? Give an answer as precise as possible and/or make hypotheses.
  2. What is he doing at that precise moment ? Why ?
  3. What is Billy’s relationship with the people at his office ?
  4. Explain 3 reasons why Billy is hesitating between sleeping at a pub and a Bed & Breakfast. Use your own words.
  5. Why does the Bed and Breakfast seem strange to the reader ? Give at least 2 reasons.



Lesson : Be ready to present text 1.

Test : Read and understand text 1 and 2.

Finish working on your extract from text 2 : What do we learn about the landlady and the Bed & Breakfast ?

The Landlady – Texte 1

The Landlady – Texte 2

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