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HOMEWORK for 06/01

WRITTEN COMPREHENSION (on text 1 only – to do in the copybook) Why is Billy in town ? Give an answer as precise as possible and/or make hypotheses. What is he doing at that precise moment ? Why ? What is Billy’s relationship with … Continue reading

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HOMEWORK for 07/01

Written Expression (FACULTATIF) Science-fiction movies have long predicted that an epic battle would take place between man and machine. Do you think that some day, in the near (or distant) future, men will have to wage war on machines ? … Continue reading

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CO – Robot playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

Here is the link to what we watched in  class :

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Image and CE – Man vs Machine

And the text we studied in class : CE – Man vs Machine

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Homework – New Cartoon

Try to describe and analyse this cartoon (5 to 10 lines) :

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CO – Defining the American Dream

Here is the link to the video we studied in class :

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Video – Song “America”

Here is the link to the video of the song “America” extracted from the movie West Side Story :

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Introduction to The Landlady

Using this image with all the key words, try to imagine the story :  

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Cartoon – Immigration

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Final Task – à rendre pour le 10/12

Final Task – Handout

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