CO – Anti-Wall Street protests

Here is the link to the document we studied in class :

The United States is the latest country to see calls for change multiplying with a protest movement against corporate power gathering momentum.

The Occupy Wall Street campaign began here in New York last month. Support has come from many sides including trade unions whose backing has helped swell the demonstrators’ ranks.

“The world is in a terrible mess, and nobody knows exactly what to do about it, but I think these kids are asking the right questions.”

Philadelphia and Chicago are among more than a dozen cities seeing protests, in which high unemployment and income inequality are also being denounced.

“We don’t eat out a lot and we don’t have things like cable. We take a lot of public transit. And we don’t live, you know, outside of our means, but yeah, it gets tough sometimes.” And politicians are having to take note. If the movement continues to grow, it could influence next year’s presidential and congressional elections.

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