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Troy Robertson’s Audition Tape

Here is the link to the video if you want to listen to the rest of the tape :

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Oral Comprehension – Ads Influence

Here is the link to the new video we worked on :

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Marketing techniques

Here is the list of marketing techniques which you can us to help you : List – Advertising techniques HOMEWORK : Choose a commercial and analyse the marketing technique(s) which is/are used in it.

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CO – The Guardian (homework)

Click on the following link : Take notes on what you see and hear in the video. What link can be made with what we are discussing in class ?

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Homework for 23/09

HOMEWORK : ON PAPER : Fill in your own application form for Survivor (about yourself or an imaginary persona you invent) – TO BE HANDED IN. ON YOUR COPYBOOK :  As the producer of the show, imagine the rules of … Continue reading

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Homework on marketing strategies

Choose a commercial that you know and like. Explain which product it sells, how it sells it, and try to analyse which method is used. You can use this list of marketing techniques : List – Advertising techniques

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CE – Citizen Journalism (homework)

Read the article « Citizen Journalism » below. CE – Citizen Journalism – And the walls came tumbling down Some questions to help you prepare your notes : – what are the advantages of the developing use of citizen journalism ? – … Continue reading

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CO – Empowered citizens

Here is the link to the audio document we listened to in class. We heard an extract from 7’35 to 9’16. You can exercise by listening to the rest of the recording : [7’35] DAVID THORNBURN : So, one … Continue reading

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CO – Anti-Wall Street protests

Here is the link to the document we studied in class : The United States is the latest country to see calls for change multiplying with a protest movement against corporate power gathering momentum. The Occupy Wall Street campaign began … Continue reading

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Survivor Micronesia – Trailer

Here is the video of the trailer for Survivor Micronesia : Work with your script : listen attentively and underline all the words or syllables which are stressed in the video.

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