HOMEWORK – Recap on the chapter


Prepare a written overview of the chapter « Protest and Protest Songs in the 60s », remembering what you have learnt in the chapter. Present the notion “Lieux et formes de pouvoir” through this topic, and the documents you studied. You can use the following questions to help you :

–          Recap the various types of protesting that have been used in the 60s and what characterizes them.

–          Examine the importance of places in the protest movements in the 60s

–          Raise the question of the role played by (famous) figures in this movement

–          Study how they functioned one with the other, or individually

–          Discuss the potential impact that they had and/or why they had it

–          Consider who/what the different “forms of power” were at that time and why they can be considered as such

–          Explore what/who the different forces which were opposed were, and how they opposed one another

Use your analyses to write a general overview of the chapter in link with the notion. (make it a general presentation of the chapter by using the documents, not by presenting the documents one by one)

(250-300 words minimum)

To be handed in by the class representatives to Mme Callard on Friday, October 26th at the latest.

Le plagiat (de sites Internet ou de la copie d’un camarade) sera très sévèrement sanctionné.

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