Recap – Questions to help


Prepare a written overview of the chapter « Odd Couples », remembering what you have learnt in the chapter .Present the documents you have studied (in class, at home, and the one you chose for the oral exam) along these guidelines :

–          Recap the various types of relationships that are tackled in this chapter: the differences or similarities between the characters, the part(s) played by each partner within the couple…

–          Consider each couple’s mode of communication, interaction

–          See how each partner expresses his/her friendship (or not) (to the other, to the reader/spectator)

–          Examine why and how birds of a different feather can/can’t flock together

–          Study the advantages and difficulties in forming an odd couple


Remember that it is always better to compare the documents and to show the links between them as you go along than to just talk about them one after the other.


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